CanSpace Solutions is Canada's leading web hosting provider and domain name registrar. Trusted for years by Canada's largest corporations for providing affordable, fast, and reliable web hosting services. Lowest price on .ca domain names guaranteed!

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CanSpace Solutions
Address: 153 Front Street West, Toronto, Coventry, Clackmannanshire 14356 UK
Phone: 1-888-993-6822

Last Update: 29 June 2021


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    Latest review of CanSpace

    Marcus Aldinger (2 February 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    CanSpace is a life saver
    CanSpace literally saved us. Our previous hosting provider updated their servers and our Wordpress installation completely stopped working due to it apparently not being compatible with a new PHP version. Our host offered no help whatsoever and we were completely stuck - the guy who built our website was long gone. We signed up and transferred our website to CanSpace - they said they couldn't guarantee they could fix it for us, but said they would do their best. Literally 5 minutes after we finished the migration they had the site up and running... all they had to do was help us disable a plugin, which apparently was too much work for our previous host. Their support has been awesome so far and we are extremely happy we chose CanSpace!

    Aleksandr Koval (13 January 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    So far so good
    We had a domain with CanSpace for our small business (electrical contracting company) for a few years now, and we decided to finally take the plunge and get a hosting plan so that we could have email attached to our domain name. For the moment we are only using the hosting plan for email but having an email address at our domain name definitely makes us look more professional, and the guys at CanSpace helped us get everything set up on our phones so we can access everything on the road. Everything has been smooth sailing so far - so much so that we may even try and set up a simple website soon! Thanks CanSpace - always happy to support a fellow Canadian business.

    Hardeep Rai (13 December 2022)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Great VPS/Magento host
    I work in IT for a fairly large Canadian online retailer and I was responsible for migrating our entire Magento installation to a Canadian provider. Our site is very complex - Magento is a beast, and we have a ton of customizations, as well as the site itself being a very heavy resource user. After going back and forth with the sales guys at CanSpace for a week we settled on a VPS and their support team helped me get everything migrated over within 24 hours. I'm extremely happy with the service we received, and everything is now running smoothly with them.

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