CanSpace Solutions is Canada's leading web hosting provider and domain name registrar. Trusted for years by Canada's largest corporations for providing affordable, fast, and reliable web hosting services. Lowest price on .ca domain names guaranteed!

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CanSpace Solutions
Address: 153 Front Street West, Toronto, Coventry, Clackmannanshire 14356 UK
Phone: 1-888-993-6822

Last Update: 29 June 2021


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    Latest review of CanSpace

    Alex Lau (25 August 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Great host!
    I have been registering all of my domains with CanSpace since the beginning of time, and decided to finally consolidate all of my hosting with them too. Really wish I had done this sooner - I'm paying way less than I was with Godaddy, and their support is way better. Much happier to support a Canadian business too!

    Edward Liu (31 July 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Excellent Wordpress host
    I run a small web development firm and my clients always ask me to recommend a hosting provider, and I always refer them to CanSpace. For the 5+ years I have been doing this, CanSpace has never let me down. I build exclusively Wordpress-based sites and I know that my clients will get great Wordpress support and performance with CanSpace, and they also offer a great affiliate program if you reach out to them.

    Denys Ivanov (6 June 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Great support
    Another happy customer here. I think the key with CanSpace is that they are just the right size where I trust them with my company's website, but they are also small enough where when I call in, they recognize me personally and are able to offer customized service to our specific needs. Even though we are certainly far from their biggest client, we have never been made to feel anything but prioritized. Good job guys - keep it up.

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