PlanetHoster excels in the areas of performance and safety, as well as the efficiency of our technical support team. We develop real relationships with our clients. We combine the expertise of our staff and support team with the latest technologies to give you a truly unique service.

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Address: 4416 Louis B. Mayer, Derry, Dunbartonshire H7P 0G1 UK
Phone: 0 805 080 426

Last Update: 22 July 2019


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    William Simoes (13 May 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Highly and Strongly recommend.
    I can't explain with words how satisfied we are with their service. Their Servers are stable, quick, and customer support is always there and extremely helpful in every way. Highly and Strongly recommend.

    Charles Bell (6 May 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    All works perfectly well for me.
    Planethoster always provide speedy, personal and effective hosting services with high uptime and active 24 hours' support. As for pricing, it's quite affordable and clear, there are no hidden fees in their plans. All works perfectly well for me.

    Leila Ferreira (2 May 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Really happy to be hosted by them.
    Awesome hosting services are available from Planethoster company, 2 years with them and the support is always with me when I have a problem. Really happy to be hosted by them.

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