MonsterHost is a leading Web Hosting provider in the heart of Luxembourg, Europe. We offer Web Hosting & allied solutions in the EU & the BeneLux regions.

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Address: 14 Rue Robert Stumper, Luxembourg, Clackmannanshire 2557 UK
Phone: +31 10 223 3701

Last Update: 27 May 2021


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    Senja Halkoaho (10 February 2022)
    Review Shared Hosting

    With Monsterhost, I don't have to worry at all.
    Their Technical Support is impressive! 100% reliable any time of the day! Whenever I have an issue, they help me out right away. I used to be with a competitor and was always disappointed with how long they took to respond and most times to no avail. With Monsterhost, I don't have to worry at all.

    Jeska Neijenhuis (3 February 2022)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Fantastic service always.
    I was helped by Monsterhost's support staff and as I have always found they are very helpful and take the time to look at what I am having trouble with. Fantastic service always.

    Mason O'Neill (11 January 2022)
    Review Shared Hosting

    I am extremely pleased.
    Extraordinary experience, which allows me to solve the problem in less than 15 minutes. All my requests have been met. They have experts in all matters. I am extremely pleased.

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