With our Great Desire to be Excellent and our vision of providing our customers with a simple, but excellent, reliable and cost effective hosting service, we grew, and grew, and grew. We now have service in several data centers including California, Utah, Missouri, Virginia, Washington DC, Amsterdam, and London. A great deal of our success in a highly competitive space, is due to our loyal customers, many of whom have stayed with us since day one! Their loyalty has not been forgotten over the years in maintaining our energies. So, whether you are a small account just getting started, or a large 50 server business, our approach to you will be the same: our Great Desire to be Excellent attitude will not change! We value all customers equally and really do go the extra mile you often hear about, to help you on the journey of making your online business very successful! We specialize in managed, dedicated servers and virtual dedicated servers. Each server is carefully monitored 24/7 from our multiple locations and our corporate up-time rate is consistently higher than 99.99%, making us an industry leader!

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M3Server Inc.
Address: 5 Greenwich View, London, Kent E14 9NN UK
Phone: 855.634.6781

Last Update: 10 June 2016


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Web hosting services provided by M3Server

VPS Hosting

Price Range: £14.03 - £70.14
Virtual private servers are considered green technology due to their reduction of various wastes, saving energy, floor space, heat and other resources that data centers and corporate IT departments expend. Since the server is virtualized, operating systems are protected from other operating systems partitioned on the same host machine.

Our dedicated virtual private servers are built on linux operating systems using open source software virtualized on enterprise class dedicated servers. All private servers and host machines are monitored 24/7 to ensure optimum performance and are never oversold or over provisioned through various memory sharing techniques.

VPS servers are a very real alternative to expensive dedicated servers. Our entry level VPS server is more robust than most dedicated servers were just 5 years ago. Fully managed, completely ready to serve your web site. View our managed vps server plans and get started today!

Dedicated Hosting

Price Range: £69.44 - £546.4
Some hosts provide smart servers. These are single virtualized instances that live on a host machine. Although generally not shared with other clients, there is always a slight performance loss virtualizing a guest.

These are generally provided to unmanaged clients so the service provider has control of the host operating system for easier reboots. We do not utilize such services. When you order a dedicated server from M3, you can rest assured its the real deal, bare metal server if you are of the new generation, or classic dedicated server if your old school. Whatever you call it, we can relate the language with you!

We buy our servers from a Supermicro Authorized Distributor, configured for your needs not hype. While our dedicated server plans are tailored to fit most organizations needs, we can certainly customize a server to your exact specifications.

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Oscar Rey (22 October 2021)
Review VPS Hosting

M3server is the best hosting with great support
M3server is the best hosting with great support. i am just started on the site and it works and nice and kind support. M3server has been great help to me and my domain. Very good company and I would recommend to others Their staff and support are very impressive with their ability to solve my issues. Very very good to have on your side !!