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  HostPro is a managed web hosting service provider on the market, delivering Cloud, VPS, Shared, and WordPress hosting experiences. The company lives and breathes first-rate hosting on NVMe drives. Each plan is designed with care allowing enterprises or individuals to choose the perfect fit. The tech support at HostPro can work wonders for no extra charge because they care for each customer’s success. With HostPro’s decent tech support, getting on the web and staying online is as easy as pie. The company creates a favorable environment for all sites. The datacenters HostPro is in charge of locate websites on industrial SuperMicro servers powered by Intel® Xeon® E-2288G processors. No matter what the load is, sites are sure to perform unfailingly. HostPro appreciates customer loyalty and trust, always being ready to give unprecedented value for every paid cent.

Contact Information:
Hostpro LLC
Address: USA, USA, Tampa, York, North Yorkshire 33601 UK
Phone: +44 7911 123456

Last Update: 20 May 2021


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Shared Hosting

Price Range: £3.51-6.34
Exceptional speed
We locate your data on a RAID10 array — a virtualization technology that enables blazing fast information transfer. Thanks to NVMe solid state drive, a rented virtual server can load pages on your site 5x faster. So your page loads within less than a second.

High performance
Excellent performance is what you strive for. At HostPro, you got it! We install and place the sites on industrial SuperMicro servers powered by Intel® Xeon® E-2288G processors. Regardless of the load, your website operates at a consistently high level due to our web hosting.

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Marry Kravtsova (15 September 2023)
Review Shared Hosting

Perfect hosting provider
Flawless technical support, high website speed. Recently purchased a certificate, everything was installed and configured quickly and without unnecessary questions.I've been using Hostpro's services for 3 years. During this time, I haven't found any downsides for myself, only positive moments.

Roland Klement (21 March 2023)
Review Shared Hosting

Hostpro web hosting provider is great.
These folks keep me in the game. Hostpro web hosting provider is great. Never leave us hanging, they explain everything great for us and make it easy to use our website. We're very satisfied with them - the hosting service as well as tech customer support. They've saved me a tremendous amount of time, money and aggravation. Well done.

Igor (2 February 2022)
Review Shared Hosting

Great technical support
I really like this provider. The site works fast. Special thanks to the technical support, which always helps.

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