GigaPros is a privately held professional web hosting company based at Los Angeles (California). We have been officially launched on Mar-05-2008 and since then, we have been growing steadily. Our main goal is to provide our customers with zero-oversold web hosting services and we guarantee it with a written policy. Just take a look at our Zero Overselling Policy and you will find us as the FIRST provider in the hosting industry, who clearly publishes the shared hosting limits!

Contact Information:
Address: Vtrio Solution Pvt Ltd Athulya Complex Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi, Coventry, Leicestershire 682042 UK
Phone: +917907245700

Last Update: 23 December 2021


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    Latest review of Gigapros

    Mantvydas (6 December 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Just wonderful! You have the finest support
    I was using free host before I moved to Gigapros hosting solutions. I'm pretty satisfied with them, but to be honest – I don’t have much experience with other hosting providers, nor do I track my website uptime and speed. Perhaps it's time for change. I must give a big thumbs up to their customer support as whenever I have issues, it never took more than 5 minutes to get in touch with them (using live chat) and in all cases they've answered my questions very professionally.

    Ramus Zilinas (4 December 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    LOVE these guys. Wonderful support!
    Found forum thread where people suggested Gigapros hosting. I decided to give it a go although it seemed a bit pricey. No issues with uptime, my site is very fast for shared hosting, good customer service with one or two rare exceptions, low cost since I have no problem with subscribing for 4 months at a time. I got cPanel at no extra charge. I expect to remain a loyal customer for many more years.

    Dust Gane (1 December 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    In total an awesome host.
    Well, I switched to Gigapros from my previous host and to tell you the truth this cool web host has been better than the big, well-known one. My sites loads faster, support is 100 times better and it's half prize. I read the review about them being slow and down a lot - I haven’t experienced this at all, I guess it depends on what server you are on. Well done.

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