Web Host GoDaddy in Host Europe Group Talks

25 November 2016

A number of sources have suggested that web host GoDaddy is discussing the possible acquisition of Host Europe Group (HEG). GoDaddy, a global brand, is recognised as being the world’s leading domain name provider and a leading provider of web hosting. HEG predominantly caters to small and medium-sized businesses with services that include mass hosting, managed hosting and data centre services.

Established in 1997, GoDaddy has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. It became a household name in the United States through its risque Super Bowl commercials which often starred “GoDaddy Girl” Danica Patrick, a professional NA SCAR racing driver. The company emphasises offering services which enable small businesses to establish a viable web presence and offers cloud-based services like Office 365. GoDaddy’s acquisition of HEG would significantly increase its European footprint.

With the mission to “web enable Next Generation Businesses like no other” and global headquarters in Hayes, Middle sex, United Kingdom, HEG has “more than 1.7 million customers with over 7 million domain names under management”. It is Europe’s second largest hosting provider with a value estimated at being around 1.7 billion euros ($1.8 billion). The company generated sales of 280 million euros ($296 million) in 2015. Others interested in acquiring HEG have included Germany’s United Internet and Deutsche Telekom.

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