US Multinational Oracle to Launch Cloud Data Centre in the UK

22 January 2017

US multinational Oracle has announced it will launch a new cloud data centre in the United Kingdom. Oracle has global headquarters in Redwood City, California, United States and also has facilities in key UK cities such as Reading, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Linlithgow, London and Manchester. The company offers integrated cloud applications and platform services that include database solutions, big data options, and supply chain management applications. It plans three UK cloud region data centres by mid-2017.

The new UK new cloud data centre mirrors launches in Virginia, United States and Turkey as part of a plan to develop 29 regions worldwide. Each region offers high-bandwidth and low-latency ‘Availability Domains’ which are only short distances from each other. The company plans more regions in North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific in 2018.

“Oracle is committed to building the most differentiated Cloud Platform that delivers on the requirements of a wide array of customer workloads,” explained Oracle Cloud Platform’s Vice President of Development, Deepak Patil. “This regional expansion underscores our commitment to making the engineering and capital investments required to continue to be a global large scale cloud platform leader.”

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