UK Web Hosting Provider Kualo Web Hosting Chooses StorPool for Cloud Hosting Storage Solution

10 January 2016

UK web hosting provider Kualo Web Hosting (Kualo) has chosen StorPool for its cloud hosting storage solution. Kualo, which has headquarters in London, United Kingdom, offers a range of products and services including web hosting, cloud servers, domain name registration and reseller options. The company caters to “tens of thousands of clients” globally with “fast, reliable and competitively priced web hosting services”.

Kualo was frustrated by not being able to adopt a suitable storage solutions for its cloud hosting offering. The company had used a number of solutions but each proved problematic as far as scalability issues and performance were concerned. Other solutions had storage speed and capacity limitations. While a number of other enterprise solutions were available which met the company’s needs, they were “prohibitively expensive”. By adopting StorPool the company found a single solution to address all of its issues.

StorPool Ltd. (StorPool), which has headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, bills its solution as “next generation data storage software”. Its software utilizes shelf servers running GNU/Linux and draws together the storage capability of servers (hard disks or SSDs) to “create a single pool of shared block storage”. Kualo uses nodes for computation and storage and the company’s nitial three-node deployments “achieved data transfer rates of over 1GB/s at up to 85,000 IOPS, with latencies of 0.00136s”.

"StorPool is the solution to storage performance and scalability problems that we've been battling with for years,” explained Kualo’s Operations Director, Craig Luke. “It has delivered the performance and reliability our clients require at a viable cost, virtually eliminated the time our engineering team spends dealing with storage related problems and it provides us with access to a fantastic team who excel at what they do and always go the extra mile to exceed our expectations. StorPool's technical team have been exceptional from day one. They facilitated our initial test deployment and went above and beyond to assist us with benchmarking. They are relentless in their quest to get the best possible performance from our deployments and frequently make optimisation suggestions to further improve our data throughput."

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