UK Data Centre Services Provider MIGSOLV Enters 15th Year in Operation

10 June 2016

UK data centre services provider MIGSOLV has announced it has entered its fifteenth year in operation. MIGSOLV, which was established in 2002, has headquarters in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom. The company offers a range of data centre services which extend to colocation, public cloud, private managed cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions. To celebrate meeting its latest milestone, the company has redesigned its website and revamped its corporate identity.

Under the leadership of founder Alex Rabbetts MIGSOLV’s services extend to ‘ultra-secure, flexible, well-connected data centre (colocation) services’, ‘cloud services tailored for companies large and small’, and ‘trusted, independent data centre advice’. The company owns ‘The Gatehouse’, a secure commercial data centre located on a nine-acre site in Norwich which was purchased in 2010. The company’s new website provides non-technical details about its offerings and includes a blog managed by Mr. Rabbetts.

“Having entered our fifteenth year, we’re proud to be able to look back at how far our business has grown in breadth and reputation,” Mr. Rabbetts explained. “We’ve evolved from a specialist consultancy by opening one of the world’s most secure commercial data centres and launching a powerful range of Cloud services. And there are certainly many more exciting developments ahead of us”.

“Introducing a fresh company identity and web site seemed a perfect way to mark this business milestone,” added Mr. Rabbetts. “Our bold new logo and vibrant colours are completely different from the stuffy, corporate style of most companies in our industry. They reflect the friendly, down-to-earth approach we take in helping companies look after their business-critical data - and our determination to deliver the best customer service in the business.”

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