Report Suggests Bulk of UK Organisations Don’t Feel They Have the Skills for Hybrid IT

9 January 2016

A new report has suggested that the bulk of organisations in the United Kingdom don’t feel they have the skills onboard to be able to manage hybrid IT. The report, produced by Sungard Availability Services (Sungard), suggests that the “digital skills gap” is likely to widen in 2016.

Sungard, whose global headquarters are in Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States, but who has a presence in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Luxembourg and Sweden, has its EMEA Corporate Headquarters in Hounslow, Middlesex, United Kingdom, offers customers custom IT services including enterprise cloud, disaster recovery, IT consulting, and application management. The company has an annual revenue of approximately $1.4 billion.

Sungard’s report suggests that UK organisations are having problems managing advances in IT environments, with a staggering 83% suggesting their organisations do not have the skills required to manage complex hybrid IT environments. The report also reveals that 38% of organisations also believe they do not have the skills required to deal with current IT security issues. Another major concern was integration and interoperability, with 27% of those surveyed were adding private cloud environments to their IT infrastructures. 20% of those asked believed their companies did not have the skills required to run some applications and environments and around 13% suggested they needed to increase the number of IT staff they had to be able to deal with current IT issues. 74% of respondents said they are willing to invest to ensure they have the skills they need to manage hybrid IT.

“Cloud computing may seem to be the natural way forward for enterprise IT but it is not simply a case of turning off legacy system and pushing old processes into new environments,” explained Keith Tilley, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Customer Services Management at Sungard Availability Services on the company’s website. “Most organisations in the UK have legacy applications -many running some of their most critical applications-, and as such, Hybrid IT is a necessary transition in the adoption of cloud services. It is very promising that organisations recognise the strategic value of Hybrid IT, but it equally disturbing that half our respondents feel unable to cope with the level of complexity it has added to their business."

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