Report Suggests 90% of IT Professionals in UK Concerned about Public Cloud Security

17 September 2017

A recent report has suggested that 90% of IT professionals in the United Kingdom have concerns about public cloud security. The report was provided by cybersecurity provider Bitdefender. Bitdefender, which has headquarters in Bucuresti, Romania, was established in 2001. The company specialises in a range of areas, including security software, cloud security and mobile security. Its report goes on to suggest that around 20% of those IT professionals questioned in the survey suggested their organisations don’t have sufficient policies or procedures in place for storing sensitive data outside their company’s infrastructure.

The survey took in 1,051 IT security professionals in major companies (with in excess of 1,000 computers) in a number of countries (the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Germany). Bitdefender’s report went on to suggest that around 50% of professionals interviewed believed cloud migration increased risks. Despite this, only 23% uses encryption when migrating data while 85% suggested they trust encryption when securing data stored on public clouds. Surprisingly, the survey also suggested that 21% used no encryption.

"The risk of being GDPR non-compliant means not only negative publicity and damage to the companies’ reputation as it has been until now, but also penalties that can total up to 4 per cent of a company’s global annual revenue," explained Senior eThreat Analyst at Bitdefender, Bogdan Botezatu. "With 2017 having already set new records in terms of magnitude of cyberattacks, boards should be aware that it’s only a matter of time until their organisation will be breached since most still lack efficient security shields."

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