Managed Cloud Company Novosco Wins £10 Million Contract

29 June 2017

Managed cloud company Novosco has won a £10 million contract to provide services to a housing association in the United Kingdom. Novosco, which has headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, was established in 1994. The company has offices are in Manchester on the British mainland, and in Dublin and Cork in The Irish Republic. It offers a range of cloud, managed services and consulting solutions which include public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud offerings. The contract is to provide services for Notting Hill Housing.

Notting Hill Housing is one the UK’s larger housing associations. A registered charity, the organisation provides Londoners with affordable housing. It manages around 32,000 properties in London. It is the third London housing association Novosco has won as a customer. Its five-year deal which starts in the summer could be extended a further two years.

“Notting Hill is one of the largest housing associations in London, and Novosco looks forward to providing it with an innovative service across a wide range of areas including service desk, security, and disaster recovery,” explained Patrick McAliskey, the Managing Director of Novosco on the company’s blog.”Our team has unrivalled experience and expertise working in the sector, which has been a key factor in us securing the contract.”

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