Domain Registration and Web Hosting Provider FVS Hosting Offers Free Domain Privacy

14 February 2016

Domain registration and web hosting provider FVS Hosting is now offering free domain privacy. FVS Hosting, which has headquarters in Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, was established in 2004. With around 100,000 accounts, the company focuses on offering services that enable its customers’ businesses to ‘grow online’. These include WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud storage. The company’s offer of ‘free Private WHOIS Privacy’ applies to all domain names registered with the company.

FVS Hosting believes in protecting its customers’ personal details and free domain privacy is one route it takes in achieving this. When someone registers a new domain name the registrant is legally obliged to add personal details (including name, address, email address and telephone number) during the registration process. It is possible to find these details using a ‘Whois’ search.

Masking details so they are not accessible during a Whois search usually means replacing them with the contact details of the domain registrar that manages the domain. Traditionally, this is a service that domain registrars offer for an additional cost on top of the domain registration fee. By offering the service free of charge, FVS Hosting is saving its customers from a range of issues including nuisance telesales calls, data mining and mailshots and junk mail in the post. This also reduces the risk of personal details being used by ‘identity fraudsters’.

"We are delighted to offer Private WHOIS free of charge to all new customers who register a domain with us, and this service is free for as long as your domain is registered with us,” explained Nick Akam, CTO of FVS Hosting’s parent body, Easy Internet Solutions Ltd. “FVS Hosting is the largest UK domain registrar offering free private WHOIS when many other mainstream providers charge at least £5.99 ($8.70) upwards per domain for this as an annual fee. We wanted to offer this service completely free of charge to our new customers and it is not dependent on the purchase of any of our more costly products."

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