Design and Technology Agency Athlon Announces Data Visualisation Map Launch

28 January 2016

Design and technology agency Athlon has announced the launch of a data visualisation ‘map’ for the Investec Mid-Market 100 survey – a list of the UK's fastest-growing private companies. Athlon, which has headquarters in London, United Kingdom, predominantly caters to businesses by providing a range of interactive digital solutions that make complex financial information easier to understand.

The Investec Mid-Market 100 survey considers mid-market private companies in the United Kingdom. To date Investec has managed three surveys since its launch in November 2014. Athlon’s map interprets the financial information the survey generates and provides an visualisation of the resulting data. Athlon’s map was developed in conjunction with Nottingham, United Kingdom-based free credit report and credit score provider Experian. Athlon designed and built the map which is available through the Investec website. It features a “single user experience” which includes a map with filters which allows users to ”explore the data in multiple ways” including “sector, region, or performance”.

“At Investec, we’re committed to supporting mid-market companies and entrepreneurs so our Mid-Market 100 survey is a crucial tool for demonstrating our specialisms,” suggested Investec’s Head of Corporate Lending, Ed Cottrell. “We needed the survey results to be presented in a simple and easy-to-digest format that also allowed for further interrogation. Athlon has created a neat and intuitive solution that not only lets corporates understand the results of the new survey but which also provides an immersive and interactive experience, bringing the data to life.”

“All too often, complex financial information is delivered in static white papers or fixed graphs,” added Athlon’s Client Partner, Daniel Henderson. “With a little bit of imagination and good UX, however, more than graphs can be delivered, whereby it is possible not only to present data but also to explore it.”

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