Data Centre Services Provider MIGSOLV Puts Overcharging in its Cross Hairs

22 June 2016

Web host MIGSOLV has put overcharging data centres in its cross hairs. MIGSOLV, which has headquarters in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, was established in 2002. The company’s services extend to public cloud, private managed cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions alongside colocation offerings. It has criticised what it sees as “shameful over-charging” by some data centre providers.

MIGSOLV operates a Norwich-based commercial data centre and under the leadership of founder Alex Rabbetts, the company has resolved to “shake up” the market by ensuring its colocation offerings are “permanently priced at market-beating rates”. To mark this commitment, the company has introduced colocation at only £300 per cabinet with “power below £100 per kilowatt” for customers signing 12-month contracts. Alongside low prices, MIGSOLV’s contracts feature free support and an absence of set-up fees.

“We keep hearing companies complain of shameful over-charging in the data centre market. They feel so many operators’ services are over-priced to begin with – even before they’re hit with a raft of hidden charges for items like monitoring, reporting and even support,” explained Mr. Rabbetts. ““Many organisations are getting an extremely poor deal and it simply shouldn’t be that way! An efficient, customer-focused data centre operator should be able to provide high-quality services at far lower rates and still make a decent profit,” he added.

“To prove the point, we’re promising to offer great value rates always – and dropping our current monthly rack prices as low as £300,” he continued. “Not only is this less than half what most operators charge, we’ll provide free remote support and low cost power as well.”

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dhiyachander (June 28, 2016)
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