Cloud Security Services Provider Easy Solutions Now a G-Cloud Approved Supplier

19 May 2016

Cloud security services provider Easy Solutions has announced it is now a G-Cloud approved supplier. Easy Solutions, which has global headquarters in Doral, Florida, United States, also has its British division based in Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom. The company, which bills itself as “the Total Fraud Protection company”, has been approved as a G-Cloud Digital Marketplace framework supplier.

Easy Solutions specialises in electronic fraud detection and prevention “across all devices, channels and clouds”. It offers a “one-stop shop for end-to-end fraud protection” and its range of products and services extend from multi-factor authentication to transaction anomaly detection and fraud intelligence. Easy Solutions caters to around 85 million customers globally, including financial services enterprises and security firms.

Established in 2012, G-Cloud is a UK government initiative designed to enable government organisations to manage the selection of cloud computing services more effectively. As G-Cloud providers are preselected, the public sector can select services with confidence and avoid an extended procurement procedure. UK government email transmission requirements demand email providers use ‘Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance’ (DMARC) to verify the domain an email is sent from. Easy Solutions’ DMARC Compass allows organisations to quickly meet DMARC requirements and is the only G-Cloud provider approved to offer DMARC solutions.

“Just as private companies are recognising that they require a layered approach to combatting fraud, government agencies are likewise embracing and requiring this approach,” explained Easy Solutions’ CEO and Founder Ricardo Villadiego in a company press release. “We are proud to have been selected as an approved supplier by the UK Government and to be recognised as a best-in-class anti-fraud technology solution.”

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