Cloud Industry Forum Predicts Dramatic Increase In Cloud Usage in the UK

13 March 2016

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has predicted a dramatic increase in cloud usage in the UK over the next few years. The CIF, which was established in 2009, has headquarters in High Wycombe, United Kingdom. It is a non-profit organisation that “champions and advocates” the adoption and use of cloud-based services. It has spearheaded the development of a Code of Practice that is designed to enable end users to have confidence in the cloud products and services they purchase. The CIF does periodic research in specific areas of cloud activity and its latest survey predicts a glowing future for the cloud in the UK.

According to the CIF’s most recent research, increasing numbers of UK companies are utilising cloud computing. Around 63% of the companies surveyed suggest that at some stage in the future they expect to have met their entire IT requirements through cloud adoption.

78% of the companies interviewed in the survey use a minimum of one cloud service, with this figure rising to 85% by the end of 2018, according to the survey. Around 75% of companies that have already moved to the cloud expect to use more cloud services in 2016. 77% of companies that use the cloud utilise at least two cloud services. 12% have adopted five or more services. This is a significant increase over data gathered in 2014.

The reasons for cloud adoption vary, with 77% of those surveyed suggesting flexibility was the chief factor for their transition. 76% of companies cited scalability as their main reason for cloud adoption.

"It should come as no surprise that digital transformation is creeping up businesses’ agendas as they seek to stay ahead of the competition,” explained the CIF’s Chief Executive Alex Hilton. “The IT landscape is clearly shifting as businesses become more open to receiving IT as-a-service and arrive at their natural technology refresh cycles." He added, “Flexible, on-demand, consumption-based cloud services and applications are removing the barriers to change, allowing businesses to react quickly to changing market conditions and move on new opportunities faster than their competitors.”

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