Cloud Giant Microsoft Announces Launch of ‘Groundbreaking’ Digital Skills Training in the United Kingdom

29 January 2017

Cloud giant Microsoft has announced the launch of ‘groundbreaking’ digital skills training in the United Kingdom. Microsoft has global headquarters in Redmond, Washington, United States and UK headquarters in Reading. The company is a cloud leader and offers a number of services including its Microsoft Azure cloud solution and Office 365. Its new UK training programme will be available to 30,000 public sector employees.

Microsoft’s training aims to enable the UK’s public sector to enhance efficiency by harnessing the cloud and deliver improved services to UK citizens. Training will be delivered online and entirely free of charge. It will cover a broad spectrum of digital skills and courses and will take public sector employees from basic ‘digital literacy’ to advanced cloud skills.

“We believe a fourth industrial revolution is under way – one driven by the transformative power of cloud technologies,” explained Microsoft UK’s CEO Cindy Rose in a press release on Microsoft’s website. “In the wake of the EU referendum vote, the UK is looking at charting a new and different path to its future and Microsoft is committed, as it has been for more than 30 years, to helping the UK realise its full potential. We believe maintaining the UK’s global competitiveness relies on a successful transition to a cloud-enabled economy. At Microsoft, we aim to do our part by investing back into the UK digital economy to ensure people of all ages and backgrounds are equipped with the skills necessary to thrive into the future.”

Microsoft has also announced it will increase the numbers on its current MS Digital Apprentice Program, adding an additional 30,000 participants. The scheme pairs Microsoft partners with organisations in its 25,000-strong network. The programme leads to paid internships and entry-level jobs for successful program applicants.

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