Cloud Giant Google Builds London Cloud Data Centre

14 July 2017

Cloud giant Google has announced the building of a cloud data centre in London, United Kingdom. Google, immediately recognised as a search giant, has over recent years been competing in the cloud arena with companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. It is currently number three in terms of cloud activity. Announcing the new centre comes only one month after the company announced the launch of new cloud data facilities in Australia.

Google’s new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) facility in London underscores the company’s push to extend its public cloud activity. In Europe Google has a "cloud region" in Belgium with facilities in Germany, the Netherlands and Finland in the pipeline. The bulk of Google's cloud platform data centres are though in the United States and in countries like Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. Google suggested that they had decided to open the London centre prior to the “Brexit” vote on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

“Incredible user experiences hinge on performant infrastructure,” explained Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform, Dave Stiver on the company’s ‘Cloud Platform Blog’. “GCP customers throughout the British Isles and Western Europe will see significant reductions in latency when they run their workloads in the London region. In cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, our performance testing shows 40%-82% reductions in round-trip time latency when serving customers from London compared with the Belgium region”.

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