British Web Host Announces PHP7 Now Standard for WordPress Hosting

3 February 2017

British web host (34SP) has announced that PHP7 is now standard for its WordPress hosting options. 34SP, which has headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom, is a leading host and domain name provider established in 2000. The company specialises in hosting for WordPress – the Open Source (OS) Content Management System (CMS) that underpins roughly 25% of all internet websites. PHP7 is the latest version of the popular PHP scripting language.

PHP is the programming language of choice of countless developers around the globe and PHP7 offers a number of enhancements on previous versions. Particularly PHP7 now offers scalar type declarations and return type declarations alongside a number of other enhancements. With PHP7 available on its servers WordPress installations are considerably more efficient and stable.
WordPress is the Open Source (OS) Content Management System (CMS) that underpins roughly 25% of ALL websites currently on the internet. 34SP is a “strong advocate of the Open Source movement” and supports both WordPress and local WordCamps – conferences covering “everything related to WordPress”. PHP7 is available to all of 34SP’s managed WordPress hosting accounts and the update has already seen “meaningful performance gains” for its customers. 

“In addition to adding a raft of new features to the standard PHP library, we are thrilled that our own testing is in line with other published reports,” explained Tim Nash, 34SP’s “Developer Advocate” and WordPress platform lead. “We're seeing a 10-25% increase in performance for our users. Our goal was for 95% of hosted sites to run without any fatal error. For those last 5% of incompatible sites our WordPress specialists worked directly with clients to help find and replace problem plugins and themes; at the time of turning on PHP7 for staging sites, we had reached 98% compatibility and are working similarly with those users adversely affected.”

Do you know of any other companies making PHP7 standard for WordPress hosting? Let us know the details. Add your comments below.


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