3,000 Apply for G-Cloud 9

16 April 2017

Around 3,000 companies have applied to be included as suppliers in the latest version of the G-Cloud scheme - G-Cloud 9 (G9).

G-Cloud is a United Kingdom government initiative designed to make it easier for government bodies to benefit from cloud computing as an Information Technology (IT) commodity. It lists a number of preapproved service suppliers that already meet requirements for government services. G9 is the latest iteration of the scheme.

G9 applications began 7 March 2017 with the final deadline 11 April 2017. More than 1,500 companies made applications in the last two days before the deadline. A total of 4,268 applications were received, but not all applications were completed by the deadline.

Of the 2,856 completed applications received, 19,900 services were added by the deadline, and over 50% of these represented cloud support services. The successful applicants’ services will be available to government bodies from 22 May 2017.

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