ZipServers believes in giving you a choice with your support needs. Some are comfortable managing their own server, while others enjoy around the clock White Glove support. Scalable. All platforms from our cloud sites to vps / cloud servers on up to dedicated servers are all designed to be scalable. Whether you need a simple RAM upgrade or new processors, our systems can grow as you grow. Support. Managed Support comes with a variety of features such as monitoring your service and respond if failures are received. In addition, Managed Support customers can open tickets 24 hours a day requesting help setting up emails, compiling PHP and installing third party applications. Location. The Internet has changed. Speed has been scientifically proven to help sales conversions as well as rank higher in Google search rankings. Location matters, and with ZipServers you have many locations around the world. Choice. ZipServers offers different platforms for different phases of your businesses growth cycle. Whether you are just starting out or been in business for years, we have a platform to fit your needs and future growth.

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ZipServers, Inc.
Address: 2410 W. Memorial Road Suite 332-C Oklahoma City, OK 73134, Oklahoma City, Canterbury, Durham 73134 UK
Phone: 146536543541

Last Update: 13 March 2023


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    Mariano Nervi (9 January 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    We give ZipServers out highest recommendation.
    I find ZipServers vps hosting service to be fantastic. On the few times, that I have had issues, they have responded with lightening speed. Support is all important to me, I do not know a lot but want to do so much, they help me along the road all the way. You will not be disappointed. We give ZipServers out highest and unqualifed recommendation.

    Bernard Blazek (15 December 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Pricing is very cheap.
    I'm very satisfied with ZipServers dedicated hosting service and I don't see myself changing webhosts in the future. Pricing is very cheap I must say. Everything works due to their server uptime... They also explained me how to drive high amount of traffic to my website, and build quality link networks. Recommend their hosting services.

    Sullivan Beranger (26 April 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Powerful servers.
    I'd just like to provide feedback on ZipServers service that was given to me this morning by your staff – Tom. He spent a total of around 2 hours with me on TeamViewer explaining to me the problems and at the same time, fixing my emails for me. I am really impressed by his patience and work ethic towards me even though the process was a long one. I am truly grateful for his help and I would like to commend him for doing a truly great job.

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