Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in the biggest Internet hubs in the world, designed for service providers and large websites. AS3223 Voxility runs a powerful global platform, on which it can build almost any kind of Cloud service, using the best-connected datacenters in the US, Europe and Asia. At its core, Voxility installs servers and networking equipment in each location, and sells or rents that equipment "as-is" to customers, working exclusively with companies that have advanced requirements and see Internet services as a core function (e.g. telcos, cloud/hosting services and large websites). Data Centers: Miami, Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bucharest. MAINSTREAM SERVICES: Dedicated Servers DDoS Protection DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers Infrastructure as a service Premium Colocation Ip Transit Cloud DDoS

Contact Information:
Address: 1st floor, Berkeley Square House 15 Berkeley Square, London, Greater London W1J 6AA UK
Phone: +44 20 3355 1458

Last Update: 22 May 2015


Web hosting services provided by Voxility

Dedicated Hosting

Price £168
Custom built dedicated servers plan, DDoS Protection as ADD ON, ready in less than 1 day, month to month commitment

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