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  Voteq are a premium but affordable Website Solutions company based in Sheffield. We offer a range of professional website services including: - Web Design & Development - Website Hosting, Domain Names & VPS - Search Engine Optimisation We are a results driven business who will ultimately improve your business's online and increase ROI. We are an all in one solution, meaning we cover the whole project from start to finish all under one roof. This means one point of contact and no miscommunication. Our dedicated team will talk you through your project, what goals you would like to achieve and Voteq will make that happen. It's really is as simple as that. All work is completed from our web design studio based in Sheffield.'

Contact Information:
Voteq Limited
Address: 32 Eyre Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S14QZ UK
Phone: 0330 113 5808

Last Update: 6 January 2021


Web hosting services provided by Voteq - Website Solutions

Shared Hosting

Price Range: £3.95-9.95
Why have restrictions when you can have everything on tap. Our UNLIMITED SSD Website Hosting service gives you and your website room to grow with no monthly limitations.

Load Balancing - Robust infrastructure with no single point of failure meaning consistently speeds and uptime.

100% SSD Standard - Super fast websites powered by nothing but Samsung SSD Storage. Speed Guaranteed!

Google Based DNS - Our DNS platform is built on Google’s foundations. Enjoy the fastest website response times.

UNLIMITED Everything - No monthly caps and we certainly won’t cut you off if your website gets too busy.

Incredible Support - Unparalleled support via Live chat and ticket system from our UK in-house support team.

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