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Last Update: 19 July 2019


Web hosting services provided by tfhost

Shared Hosting

Price Range: £4.8-32.7
Shared Hosting : Shared Hosting is the most common and affordable form of website hosting. Multiple users will share the resources of a secured server or a group of servers in order to put their websites online for others to view. TFhost offers several affordable shared hosting services so you can find the perfect shared hosting package for your website needs. However most Shared Hosting platforms are also managed, which means that users do not have to worry about things like server management and platform patches.

VPS Hosting

Price Range: £23.5 - £62.8
VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server hosting offers greater power, flexibility and access to more resources than shared hosting at a lower price than dedicated servers. You can choose among several VPS hosting plans. Their most popular one, which is N90,000 for the first year and N180,000 after that, offers 2 CPU cores, 4GB ECC Memory, 2 IPs and 1TB bandwidth. This is a good choice for larger websites and online businesses that need additional storage and security.

Dedicated Hosting

Price Range: £93.5 - £117.1
Dedicated Hosting:Having your own dedicated server provides you with the greatest degree of flexibility, performance and security. This is a good option for anyone who wants to have the maximum amount of control over their server settings. Their most popular plans cost at N90,000 per month 4C / 4T CPU cores, 4GB ECC Memory and 1 TB SATA3. Consider a dedicate server if your website is big and has very high traffic.

Reseller Hosting

Price Range: £5.5 - £32.7
Reseller Hosting: If you want to get into the business of selling web hosting to clients, this is the plan for you. Many people who do things like web design like to offer their clients web hosting as part of the package. TFhost offers several reseller plans. The most popular one costs N5,000 per month and offers 75 GB disk space and unlimited sub domains.

Free Hosting

One Year Free Hosting service

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