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  Since 2005, has offered high performance web hosting to clients all over the world. With five data centers on three continents, your website can be served from a location close to your visitors and clients. What our clients love is our easy-to-use control panel, with a file manager that makes you never want to use an FTP client again, and a domain manager that makes you want to move all your domains to us. Payments, support, and domain manager is integrated in the hosting control panel - only log in once, and have have all control at your fingertips. Our cloud platform separates different functions on separate servers, to ensure your site will load fast and smooth in every circumstance. Of course from SSD drives. Check out our control panel demo at

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Address: LiquidNet Ltd., 13 Craigleith, 7 Kersfield Road SW15 3HN UK
Phone: +44-20-3695-1294

Last Update: 22 May 2015


Web hosting services provided by Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

Price Range: £4.2-15.2
Enjoy lightning-fast cloud hosting on smart load-balanced servers with SSD-drives. Our multiple data centers allow you to select one that is near your website visitors to ensure fast website loading times. Also, you can pick your new blog, cms, web gallery, or e-store to be created for you before you even enter your new account. Upgrading is easy, so it is completely safe to start with the Takeoff package and upgrade as you grow, even to a VPS or Dedicated Server.

VPS Hosting

Price Range: £11.95 - £73.95
Our VPS packages are equipped with more RAM memory and CPU-resources than you would normally find in this price range. Your website will be stored on SSD-drives, which means much faster loading times than with a host storing on HDDs.

We offer 10 VPS hosting plans. The three above are just examples. Check our website for more information.

Dedicated Hosting

Price Range: £139 - £375
You will have a server with a rigorously well-balanced hardware setup on gigabit public and private networks with excellent network characteristics. We promise you 100% power and network uptime and the finest support available.

Add Managed Services for $32.00/month.

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