Our Data Center is located in Europe. Our facility is equipped with direct optical links to all major Internet providers, a redundant network, a redundant UPS system, as well as a redundant cooling system. Our Data Center has been engineered to avoid any single point of failure in our connectivity, power, or HVAC. We have a video surveillance that covers the entire facility and we utilize biometric access control based on fingerprint and facial recognition to ensure maximum security. Since our Data Center is not open to the public, you can rest assured that only a handful of highly trained, level-three technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity to your server. Our key infrastructure is protected by an automatic fire suppression system based on the inert gas IG-541.

Contact Information:
ServerUNION Ltd.
Address: 964 Bachelor Avenue street, Belize City, Belize, Belize City, Belize, Sunderland, Nottinghamshire 0000 UK
Phone: +17023233844

Last Update: 21 November 2023


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    Oscar Miguel (6 March 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    The support team is super friendly.
    I'm using Serverunion for almost five months. I like the layout of this host, it is very neat and clean. I like their service, on Chat, as well as Ticket, it is very quick. Chat response is within two minutes and Ticket Response in my opinion is around 10 minutes. So I want to stay with them for long time and afterall my site is really growing, so I am very happy! I've experienced ServerUnion customer service to be excellent. The support team is super friendly and go above and beyond to help with any problems.

    Saturnino Valero (9 January 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Pricing is comparable.
    Speed is pretty fast. and I can say that uptime is great (99.99% as promised), my website is always accessible to my visitors and clients. I am happy about this. They offer a wide range of unique features within their dedicated hosting plans at reasonable rates. Pricing is comparable with other well-liked web hosts.

    Loek Laurens (15 December 2023)
    Review Shared Hosting

    This experience has been great.
    Must say that I consider ServerUnion dedicated server hosting to be well worth the price. This experience has been great. My sites are almost always up (10 minutes downtime last month - up for about 99.98% of the time). I find their pricing unbelievable in this day and age. They are efficient and have always helped solve whatever issue I'm having (not always the friendliest, but I guess that's part of the efficiency really). Thanks!

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