is a leading provider of virtual server. We specialise in creating and managing virtual servers that offer high performance, reliability and flexibility for a variety of business needs. infrastructure is based on XEN virtualization technologies to create and manage virtual servers. This allows our customers to avoid hardware costs and focus on growing their business. Our servers run on state-of-the-art hardware with high processor, memory and storage specifications to ensure optimum performance and reliability. We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly customer service. Our support team is ready to help you 24/7, answer your questions and solve any technical issues you may encounter. We provide monitoring and analytics tools that allow clients to monitor their server performance, resource usage and perform optimizations to improve efficiency. Our company has a wealth of experience working with clients from a variety of industries, including start-ups, medium and large enterprises. We strive to become a reliable partner for our customers by providing high-quality virtual server services focused on innovation and excellence. Payment available via : PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency, Stripe, Payeer, Paypalych

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Address: Spitalska 2203/53 811 08 Bratislava, Bratislava, Chester, Cheshire 811 08 UK
Phone: +421940086776

Last Update: 5 July 2023


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    Banks Wilton (11 June 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Great host!
    I have all my clients host with Profvds Europe VPS and no one has complained. The customer service has improved drastically since I started the account. The problem I had was resolved quickly and was made out to be far less than it could have been. They offer everything for both the low level user up to the high traffic corporate sites. Great host!

    Neil Paterson (17 May 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Technical support is superb.
    The guys at Profvds know their stuff! It is quite a good place for ordering VPS plans with servers located in Slovakia. Fantastic host and they have gone above and beyond the usual business to help get my site up and going. Technical support is superb - they have gone above and beyond to assist me with my sites, whenever needed. Amazingly, I never had to wait longer than 20 minutes for a response.

    Harvey Page (15 April 2024)
    Review Shared Hosting

    Best bandwidth and storage hosting.
    When I was going to pick a host. I looked at many different hosting providers and compared them. I was not satisfied, even once. But I didn't know about Profvds. Then I saw an advertisement somewhere and I checked the site and then I compared Profvds with the other companies. To my surprise I saw that Profvds was much better, the bandwidth and storage was better, the scripting features were better, everything was better.

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