INXY.COM is a hosting marketplace with an impartial price comparison which allows users easily compare dedicated servers, CDN, VPS solutions, Clod Storage and Managed DNS and other hosting related services. Our mission is to help customers benefit from the best prices and services from leading hosting services providers. we help customers save money by finding the best product and supplier at the best price. Our service allows every client to figure out the most optimal deal that complies with their requirements and stays affordable. We're worldwide price comparison marketplace. We're free to use and make comparing prices across hosting providers quick and easy! Assistance in the selection and installation. Personal solutions for each client. Free support 24/7 We're 100% impartial and independent marketplace. Every year we help thousands of customers to find the best deals. Single place to manage your services and to get support. More than 670 servers from 9 providers. 6 Different CDN Providers Why should I use INXY.COM? Because we'll help you save money. INXY.COM will help you find the best product and supplier at the best price. We don't mind who you switch to, we just care that you switch to the deal that's best for you. Switching providers saves our customers hundreds of dollars on their bills each year and is quick and easy to do. Can I trust INXY.COM to be accurate and comprehensive? Yes! We monitor all suppliers continually and update our data to ensure our results are comprehensive and accurate at all times. How does INXY.COM make money? We have commercial deals in place with some providers which means we receive a small commission payment if you choose to switch or apply for a product through us. These deals are in place to help make the switching process as convenient as possible for our customers. They also mean we can provide you with a free support 24/7. INXY.COM is always 100% impartial and independent. We want you to get the best deal, so we only ever list providers and deals by price or whatever is important to you.

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Address: 12 Agias Zonis str., 4th floor, Suite 401, Limassol, Cheshire 3027 UK
Phone: +35725104256

Last Update: 5 June 2020


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    Brodie Trenwith (16 June 2020)
    Review Shared Hosting

    I'm a novice in the IT business and I can't afford downtime or wasted time fighting with a website or web host. My colleague recommended Inxy and I wanted to do the same. Very helpful support, they have done and do a lot for me. I am not worried about security.To my peace of mind they know their work well. Great to have a deal with.