HostZealot Hosting Company offers wide range of Internet hosting services such as: dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, server clusters and fast host service with free cPanel account. We also offer domain registration service. Your unlimited bandwidth server can be located in data center in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Oceania in order your content to be closer to target audience. Total network capacity extends 500Gbit, that meet demands of the most bandwidth consuming projects such as streaming, P2P, file hosts and CDN. We are client-oriented company so our customer care team will gladly help you 24/7/365.

Contact Information:
Address: Suite 1, 78 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH7 5JA, DBA: HostZealot Hosting Company, Edinburgh, Midlothian n/a UK
Phone: +1.888.ZEALOT1
Fax: +1.888. 9325681

Last Update: 22 May 2015


Web hosting services provided by HostZealot

Shared Hosting

Price Range: £0.64-7.05
HostZealot Hosting Company offers professional Web hosting services with database support. Web hosting with domain registration capability is foreseen for our clients. Free domain name comes with annual web hosting subscription on Scout, Corvette and Carrier hosting plans. Free SSL Certificates are available for domain names registered with us.

- Free cPanel
- Free domain*
- Databases Support
- Security Features
- 24x7 Live Support
- Same-day Setup

VPS Hosting

Price Range: £12.87 - £45.05

Dedicated Hosting

Price Range: £44.41 - £449.89
Detailed information here:

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