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  At DataGuild Cloud Solutions, we offer modern cloud hosting solutions with a special emphasis on speed, scalability and security. We have packed a host of web site acceleration tools within our Control Panel and manage SSD–equipped servers with ZFS storage that produce super–fast web site loading rates. Also, with our flexible cloud hosting platform, you can upgrade your hosting service at any time.

Contact Information:
DataGuild Cloud Solutions
Address: 13 Craigleith, 7 Kersfield Road, London, Greater London SW15 3HN UK
Phone: 020 3695 1294

Last Update: 18 April 2019


Web hosting services provided by DataGuild Cloud Services

Shared Hosting

Price Range: £2.42-10.54
Here at DataGuild Cloud Solutions you can buy shared hosting. With multiple data centers, you can select the one you want to reach ultimate site loading rates.

VPS Hosting

Price Range: £8.78 - £70.26
VPS servers offer site owners flexibility, independence and cost-effectiveness. All VPS packages on our platform are backed up by a set of guarantees, so you can rest assured that you will get a top-notch service for your money.

Dedicated Hosting

Price Range: £17.57 - £26.35
The range of dedicated servers come with lots storage and offer the option to easily add more additional disk drives if needed. This makes them a perfect choice if you need lots of disks space or you plan to create a large RAID array.

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