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  Blackfoot has been in the hosting business since December 1999 and has experienced a constant steady growth. We have progressed from leasing to purchasing our own hardware and expanding our operations over several locations. Our entry level account is the Home account at only £40/yr including 5GB web space and a feature packed control panel. At the top of the range are our very attractive Cloud VPS Plans starting at £30/m. We are a debt-free profitable company enjoying the challenges of the

Contact Information:
Blackfoot Hosting Ltd
Address: 25 Barnes Wallis Road, Hampshire PO15 5TT UK
Fax: 08701 334832

Last Update: 22 May 2015


Web hosting services provided by Blackfoot Hosting

Shared Hosting

Price £3.33
Programming: Perl, PHP, Python
Database: My SQL
Account Accessibility: Control Panel, Web-based Email
Features: Multiple Domains in One Account, Pre-installed CGI Scripts, Web Usage Statistics Report, MS FrontPage Support, Shopping Cart & Software

Reseller Hosting

Price £24
Programming: Perl, PHP, MS FrontPage Support
Database: My SQL
Features: Control Panel, Private DNS (, User Manuals and Documentation

Cloud Hosting

Price Range: £30 - £85
All VPS plans include a cPanel/WHM license and full management. Hosted in our London facilities with hardware redundancy and automatic failover.

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