• Type Review : Shared Hosting 20 July 2022

    Technicians reply almost immediately
    The speed is amazing, very reliable, the support is fantastic, the price is great! Very happy with hosting so far, been using them for a couple of months and both performance and service have been very good and the pricing is outstanding.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 11 July 2022

    Would recommend Swissns. It's all good!
    I can say that hosting and also managed services are professional. Network & Servers uptime has been good. I've been using their services for not so long and must say that everything works fine. Recommended.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 06 July 2022

    Professional hosting service
    I recommend! They've been nothing but nice to me and my website. I love Having one plan isn't a con when it's CHF 7./mo and get so many useful features as well! Support hasn't ever been a problem either, considering questions were answered in about an hour. Recommended.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 30 June 2022

    I'm happy, my sites are always up
    I'm really satisfied with Swissns web hosting and web development service. Tech support service is excellent... each time I had to contact for questions or informations, i've received perfect answers in a very quick delay. Yes, everything is excellent. Thanks.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 25 January 2022

    The Servers are reliable
    I meanwhile have 11 websites running since several years. Always great support, never had major issues and my customer's have never complained... So why should I? Great job guys.... Continue the good work....
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 10 January 2022

    I'd say they're friendly people, have good service
    I wanted to compliment you on the quality of service I have enjoyed for many years now from swissns hosting provider, but especially on the odd occasion when I need Customer Support. Like today. I submitted a ticket due to sluggish email retrieval. Their tech guys was back in touch with me in just a few minutes. He evaluated the problem, suggested a solution and with my consent he implemented it.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 December 2021

    The host is amazing!
    I greatly appreciate their efforts and look forward to continued business with swissns shared hosting service. The pricing has always been reasonable (you get what you pay for). My server and all my websites are always up and responsive. Thumbs up!

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