• Type Review : VPS Hosting 27 May 2024

    Prices are incredibly reasonable.
    The team at RegVPS delivers fast dedicated hosting service that is truly top-notch. Their prices are incredibly reasonable, and new setups are deployed quickly. Knowing that my server, hosting over 10 websites, is backed up and easily restorable gives me peace of mind.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 20 May 2024

    Top of the line.
    We have found a high level of customer service combined with technological proficiency that you do not often find in the field of website hosting industry. RegVPS web host is truly the best dedicated hosting provider on the web! The support and service is second to none. The live, on demand customer service and tech support really blew me away. The representative was more than helpful, and made the experience enjoyable.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 25 April 2024

    My sites are in good hands.
    The prices are competitive and the customer support is definitely a big plus with Regvps. Obviously no hosting is perfect and this provider can improve in some areas but if you compare them with other competitors, they easily beat others on many fronts. In conclusion, my sites are in good hands and I want to recommend this web host.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 22 April 2024

    couldn't be happier!
    I have been using one of the gorgeous reliable Hosting in Europe by Regvps since February 2024 and I couldn't be happier! The level of support provides to his customers is second to none, and I know that I will always get 100% of his personal attention and friendly assistance. Their Uptime is high enough (no downtime noticed). Support replies fast with no delays. Also they have really nice prices for such a level of the service.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 18 March 2024

    Was really easy for me - I provided my old host details and they moved and setup everything for me. Fantastic! Time being. So far I have no problems with my account at all. I do pay every bill in time and get what I need, get the help from their stuff when I need. I am glad to deal with this perfect web host. Recommend it!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 March 2024

    Regvps is the only host I use.
    The network uptime is as promised - 99.99%, it's a great plus for them. I've been hosting several websites with them for almost seven months now, and I have nothing but positive things to say. I can add that they have a flexible attitude toward hosting. I'm quite satisfied with the service Regvps provides and can highly recommend them to other webmasters.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 27 February 2024

    Good technical customer support.
    Wonderful quick efficient professional service. They do automatic weekly backups. You can trust Regvps web hosting provider and hosting service without any doubt. Had to use the technical customer support center just once and that too was quite satisfactory.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 14 February 2024

    Regvps is great.
    Since being with them I have found Regvps to be a host I can recommend without reservation. Regvps is great. Never leave us hanging, they explain everything great for us and make it easy to use our website. we are very satisfied with them - their hosting service as well as tech customer support.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 19 January 2024

    My website is always up.
    I'm happy dealing with the host. Regvps offer excellent tech support. Replies are quick, to the point, and resolved more quickly than most companies even register a support request. My website is always up and accessible to my visitors around the globe.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 18 December 2023

    Regvps is good.
    This is my second site so I have some experience with hosting providers, therefore the problems I have encountered were not that new to me but I found a lot! My overall experience with the support at Regvps is good, yet it could have been better,but at least they helped me. Waiting time for support is between couple mins to 30 mins max, which is almost the best within server providers.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 24 November 2023

    Good support.
    Everytime I got some questions, I ask them online, no waiting times, there is always some one waiting there online to help us, it's just amazing. Happy using Regvps private vps hosting service. Good support information including knowledgebase and regularly updated system status.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 20 November 2023

    Good uptime!
    I just wanted to submit this review hoping other people who are in the same position I was in awhile ago will find it and know where to go for good quality hosting. I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. That's pretty good uptime!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 05 October 2023

    Nice speed connectivity.
    My sites are always online and I'm happy that my visitors are satisfied with RegVPS speed connectivity. I just recently had my main domain hacked into and everything deleted but within a couple hours they helped get everything back online for me smoothly and pretty quickly.

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