• Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 December 2018

    Their Support is Worse, Never got an Welcome Email so had to cancel
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 07 December 2017

    Great as always. Friendly and reliable service
    Freakin' brilliant!! At least as far as they are able. Prompt, courteous, helpful, available 24/7, domestic!, etc. Can't ask for better. I love you folks and recommend your hosting service whenever possible.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 14 January 2017

    Support is thorough, super fast and courteous
    I am in the midst of moving from another prominent hosting service after many years of sluggish service, and I have found MifiHost to be far more than I had hoped for. Cheaper, better, faster, and exceptional customer service. Mine was a problematic move since the WP site was "buggy" before the move, but the tech support staff was diligent in helping to diagnose and cure problems -- something the other host refused to even discuss. I couldn't be more thrilled with this decision, and will be migrating all my other sites soon!
  • Type Review : Dedicated Server 09 September 2016

    Excellent Service and simply the best Customer Support
    I use MifiHost for my own site and my clients for last 2 years..... And your Tech support is out of this world! Very responsive, any issues i have are addressed immediately. I use the online-chat feature the most and its so easy. I recommend you to all my associates and will always continue to do so. Its a pleasure doing business with MifiHost. Thanks so Much!
  • Type Review : Dedicated Server 26 August 2016

    Fast Response, Friendly and Helpful, Efficient
    I recently migrated a large site for a client to MifiHost and had to contact support to expedite a verification process. the was support fast and friendly. MifiHost runs a fantastic service. I've used other, cheaper, services before, but they cannot match the speed and reliability that MifiHost has to offer.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 July 2016

    Speed of site very good...
    The MifiHost provided me best hosting services and all the important features needed to keep my blog live. There were few other alternative too such as Bluehost but MifiHost was cheaper .I purchased MifiHosthost. I am with MifiHost since 4 months everything is ok on their shared hosting. And my traffic is continuously increasing day by day. The Speed of blog is very good.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 25 May 2016

    Amazing Joomla Templates for Free
    Hello, I am using MifiHost for almost 3 years now and I am very satisfied with their hosting service. Have always received immediate response to my support requests and they helped me even if the mistake was down to me. Very reliable. And I have to mention this - the templates they offer for Joomla are amazing and FREE! That makes the perfect combi for me
  • Type Review : Dedicated Server 10 April 2016

    Fast. Good quality. Responsive to questions. Online chats available.
    As far as the quality of the hosting is concerned, they do a great job. I had a question about getting an SSL Certificate, which was promptly answered by the sales team. They're relatively cheap and again you can reach someone when you have a problem.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 26 March 2016

    Beats any other host I have used or contacted for my clients.
    Always fast expert answers from a courteous tech staff that never fails to impress me during the last five years. I am a 20 year Mac service tech with over 7,000 field service calls behind me. I could not ask for a better hosting service than these guys.
  • Type Review : Dedicated Server 25 March 2016

    Fast and efficient help
    I have been working with and using MifiHost for the past 3 years and they have given me some of the best customer service I have had. I use their instant chat help line often and they have been very easy to work with.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 10 March 2016

    Great service, helpdesk always replies very fast, tech support knows what they're doing.
    Mifihost is the best! Very affordable with fantastic, prompt, courteous and patient support staff that I can understand.
  • Type Review : Dedicated Server 02 March 2016

    Fast and detailed response
    Customer support was really great. They quickly responded to my question and gave me detailed instructions to help me out.
  • Type Review : Dedicated Server 29 February 2016

    No downtime - ever. Great customer service.
    Mifihost has been a perfect hosting company for my website. Their customer service is amazing, not that you'll have to call them very often because the site just runs perfectly.
  • Type Review : VPS Hosting 04 February 2016

    Friendly and reliable service
    The support people at MifiHost are always pleasant and never make me feel as computer illiterate as I truly am to be. I am grateful for the opportunity to create and manage my own website! Customer service is phenomenal. The service rep was very helpful and efficient.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 17 January 2016

    "Great Hosting
    MifiHost is great. They tell you when they're going to be down, well in advance, and there are seldom any outages or problems. Their support is great, whether by email, chat, or phone. When you forget your user ID or password, they're always willing to help you get going again. Their Web Builder tool is great. Not always intuitive, but always productive of good results.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 04 January 2016

    Tech support at MifiHost is first class
    My site had moved to another server but I was still using the old server. Your group helped move me over again and was very professional.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 23 December 2015

    provide a great support for the customers
    I moved my previous hosting provider to MifiHost because of the reliable, secure servers, reasonable price, and particularly supper support from the great staff of MifiHost.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 19 November 2015

    So far, good free web hosting. Can not rate technical support since I never had to use it. Has both control panel (not mandatory for me) and FTP access (mandatory). No banner ads. No silliness of having to purchase domain name in order to get free hosting. Received confirmation email same day of signup. Recommend.

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