• Type Review : Shared Hosting 08 May 2019

    Replies are quick. I'll continue using Invpsus hosting service.
    I paid via paypal and got Instant Activation of my account. I began transferring my websites. I'd have to admit I never really had any issues with Invpsus web hosting in Ukraine at all. I did all my customer support through their ticketing system and they've always responded within 30 minutes or so... I can't argue about their pricing - they are competitive and hosting packages are worth every penny. These guys has also nice selection of scripts. They go above and beyond what you come to expect from a hosting provider. CloudFlare is really cool features. If your looking for VPS host which doesn't oversell and offers excellent customer support look no further, Invpsus is your host of choice.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 17 April 2019

    Best cPanel Vps hosting provider in Europe
    I needed to host my new project in Europe and started browsing the web on 'reliable hosting in Europe' - finally found Invpsus and their cPanel vps accounts served my specifications. I contacted their sales rep and told my requirements, they offered me the best hosting fit within 15 minutes. They also helped me with setup - that was great, didn't even think their team would do it for me. They also set up Joomla and similar applications, and the customer support has always been prompt and helpful. Once you find their way and report the problem, tech support center is fast and great! The technicians reply almost immediately. Thank you! Invpsus is a swift, rock-steady, smart, & inexpensive provider.

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