• Type Review : Shared Hosting 19 February 2024

    Value for what I'm receiving is excellent.
    I'd recommend them to anyone looking for reliable host. Glad to find Hostingsource ssd web host. I haven't noticed any significant downtime issues, possibly once or twice for a very short time.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 08 February 2024

    Well done.
    I've only had a wonderful experience with this ssd web host. The thing is that this host is always available for my questions and they are quick to respond. Network and server Uptime seem to be 99.999%. When you use the online chat, someone answers pretty much instantaneously.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 22 January 2024

    The package is fully featured.
    I've been a dedicated server at Hostingsource since November 2023 (paid $8/mo - the price is great) and can hardly believe how good the support is - fast and expert. The package is fully featured too, without any of the annoying restrictions that larger companies impose. No negatives at all.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 11 January 2024

    Fantastic web host.
    I'd just like to take this opportunity to express how impressed I am with Hostingsource support received from your team, not only with transferring a couple of domain names (which is fairly routine) but also with the migration of my Wordpress MutiSite blog to a new domain name. Planned maintenance was always notified well ahead of time, and had no impact on availability. Recommended.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 20 December 2023

    Professional VPS hosting provider.
    I had used several web hosting providers prior to HostingSource VPS hosting provider. There is no comparison to my other providers. It’s clear that I now pay less, have much faster and personal support (average 3 minutes to get a reply) and have not yet had any downtime that I am aware of.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 04 December 2023

    These guys have changed my perception towards US hosting providers.
    Happy using Hostingsource service. I did not need to follow up with them when I had an issue, they updated me once the issue was resolved. Excellent! Right from pre-sales to post-sales support, these guys have been very helpful. I can easily get in touch with their team and get my issues resolved. These guys have changed my perception towards US hosting providers.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 22 November 2023

    Would definitely recommend.
    Well, it happens so that I have been using HostingSource hosting for a couple of years and I have to say their service is excellent. Have contacted support a couple of times and recieved prompt, helpful responses each time. Would definitely recommend.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 10 November 2023

    Fully satisfied.
    If they maintain this level of service, I'm sure we will be a customer for a long time to come. Thanks. As for their customer support, I must say that it is always available when I contact them, they work 24/7 and ready to help and solve any trouble their clients may experience. I am fully satisfied using hostingsource ssd hosting services.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 30 October 2023

    Good, modern hosting options.
    I led the charge to move my employer's hosting over to Hostingsource 3 months ago. We use it for hosting multiple business websites. It's well priced and you get a lot of bang for your buck. They offer good, modern options. They also used to have great customer service who would respond in a matter of minutes–that was the big selling point.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 13 October 2023

    great host
    Well recommended, great host, good support and great prices for anyone wanting to get their website hosted. Loads of templates or you can have one designed for your own website. These guys are simply amazing. I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with HostingSource VPS. Recommended!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 03 October 2023

    Web sites are in good hands.
    Finally I've found a good home for my web sites, Hostingsource is the best solution for hosting any kind of web sites. No doubt, your sites will be in good hands, friends. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 07 September 2023

    Great Uptime.
    These guys get a thumbs up, fives all acrossed the board. HostingSource VPS hosting provider is the host you can rely on in any situation. Unbelievable Speed and Great Uptime. Recommended.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 23 August 2023

    Professional web hosting service.
    I've had outages, but nothing too long. I was down for over an hour once, but they kept me informed about what was going on. Hostingsource's price is right for personal and small business needs and the customer service representatives are helpful.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 14 August 2023

    Cool DDoS protected web host.
    Not only is the service Top Notch, but I was blown away by all the features in the control panel and the storage/bandwidth I get for the price. I shopped for months and could not find a better deal. Hostingsource takes monthly no-contract PayPal payments! Highly recommend their hosting solutions.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 04 August 2023

    server is fast.
    If you are server is fast, if you are getting help in the time that means that you are with a good hosting provider. I satisfied to be a client of Hostingsource + their DDoS protection is really helpful - many thanks! No downtime and friendly support stuff make me happy.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 05 July 2023

    perfect service & support
    If you're looking for perfect service & support, signup with Hostingsource advanced shared hosting. Within an hour after signup, I can log in to my control panel and my domain is active! That's fast because when I signed up with another web host it took me a day to see the domain. I like cPanel - it is really nice and fast.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 03 July 2023

    servers are reliable
    I was having an account on one brand but it was a very bad experience, they troubled me a lot. I decided to transfer my files to another web host. The Hostingsource servers are reliable not even a single minute downtime since last 5 months. I think they are much better than previous hosting. I have several accounts with them, and they continue to impress!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 09 June 2023

    I use them for 5 different sites
    If you are looking for reliable low cost hosting for your site, Hostingsource is the right web host to deal with in the USA. They have always been there with a quick resolution to my questions and problems that I did not know how to fix or address. I use them for 5 different sites on one account and everyone of them run flawlessly.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 02 June 2023

    I am very satisfied with this service
    I've been with Hostingsource now for around four months. I use basic ssd vps hosting - email, MySQL databases, for hosting personal pictures. I very much appreciate being able to administer the site via the control panel. I have never had a problem with downtime because it always seems to be up. I am very satisfied with this service and will recommend it to anyone.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 16 May 2023

    Nice discounted host, thanks.
    My sites are running fast and efficiently - I am happy. Anytime there has been an issue, they are super responsive. I like that Hostingsource are also proactive about virus infections if they happen. They don't let your whole server get hacked like other economy hosts. Very happy with the pricing as well.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 11 May 2023

    Support rocks.
    I just totally Love them! Recommend Hostingsource ecommerce hosting to thers. With the web interface upgrade that you made last week.....It is great and beautiful service. I must say this because you deserve it.... Thanks to you and to your efforts. Support rocks.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 14 April 2023

    Thank (as always) for the excellent help.
    Right then so, Hostingsource web host - very fast servers compared to the normal over selling idiots that are out there these days! 99.99% uptime, and, to be honest, there hasn't ever been one time I have gone to view my site and it has been down. Plus all of you must admit the packages are very reasonable and very good value for money! To close, Hostingsource does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 10 April 2023

    Pricing is very reasonable.
    The very few times we had questions, Hostingsource technical support has been very prompt in responding and always looking into and understanding the problem, not just bouncing back canned replies as many other providers do. Pricing is very reasonable, especially on long-term plans, and they are very reliable.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 March 2023

    Reliable and fast hosting.
    I've been hitting diffrent hosts for my domains but finally Hostingsource bound me to stick with them. If your are looking for a reliable and fast hosting, this is the right one but if you are concerned of recurring charges then find an other one.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 02 March 2023

    Technical support is amazing.
    There is no need to worrty about your data loss. There has been almost unnoticeable down time in all the years I've been with them and all technical migrations and upgrades they do create minimal hassle for me. Hostingsource technical support is amazing. Thanks.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 14 February 2023

    The customer support is responsive!
    I have over 30 customers to whom I give web hosting. Fully satisfied using Hostingsource web hosting service. The customer support is responsive and friendly - any problem is solved immediately. My last host ought to take a few pages from their book!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 08 February 2023

    Thumbs up!
    I greatly appreciate their efforts and look forward to continued business with Hostingsource shared hosting service. The pricing has always been reasonable (you get what you pay for). Thumbs up!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 20 January 2023

    Great service, reliability, and experience!
    The most important things in a hosting provider are really customer service, reliability, and experience. Hostingsource has all of those things and more. I can tell anyone, whether you are needing a simple website hosted, or you want to start your own online reseller empire do it at hostingsource.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 17 January 2023

    Affordable hosting service!
    They gave me a good deal of affordable hosting service and top of the shelf tools, all the way. I don't know the future, who knows, but one does need to worry about future if its going ok at present. I keep it simple and hostingsource also keeps simple, so it is going good within us. I will recommend them here for someone who reads this.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 December 2022

    Many thanks Hostingsource!
    Really good hosting experience here - Many thanks Hostingsource! If you want to forward this email to anyone, don’t hesitate. I stand by the idea. For those times I’ve called with issues I had no idea what to do with, they have been patient, understanding, and extremely helpful. I’d be lost without them. They represent Hostingsource in the best of ways.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 30 November 2022

    The response time is lightning fast.
    I have been with SSDVPS hosting for a while now and have to say their reliability is great. They never point you in a direction on your own but see the issue closed by staing with it and putting their time in selflessly. The response time is lightning fast. The techs contact me checking to see if I have any issues just to be on the safe side. Can't complain about anything.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 15 November 2022

    The Control Panel is fast and easy to use!
    I've only had a wonderful experience with this host. HostingSource is always available for my questions and they are quick to respond. This in itself is remarkable. The Control Panel, being well-organized and user-friendly, is easy to navigate; same goes for the File Manager and other sections of the CP.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 28 October 2022

    Affordable VPS accounts!
    Moving to hostingsource was the best decision I ever made with web hosting. I have several sites on their VPS account which is fast and enjoyable to use. Over the past decades I have operated various servers in own datacenter, hosted servers and used third party hosting.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 11 October 2022

    The pricing is quite good.
    I can highly recommend Hostingsource hosting services to others. The pricing is quite good. Prompt replies are given to any queries and the use of live support over MSN is extremely helpful. It's a good option for hosting any website.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 29 September 2022

    All of their work is based on quality!
    I'm running more than one website on shared server, never had any problem. Everything is running very well. After I've experienced some issues or high pricing with 3 other hosting providers in the last 5 years I'm very satisfied with Hostingsource. All of their work is based on quality and I highly recommend their hosting services to other webmasters.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 08 September 2022

    Nice experience hosting my site!
    Good phone and Chat and mail contact with Alex. Most requests/questions were dealt with very quickly. The end product did exceed our expectations. generally very good to deal with.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 30 August 2022

    Good server uptime and fast speed
    I have been with HostingSource since May, 2022, having a brief gap inbetween, when I went back to hostingsource, I cannot understand why I left in the first place. Excellent support, not had any downtime yet, and very quick to respond to tickets :)
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 11 August 2022

    Very technically proficient and candid
    After frustrating and unreliability experiences with other hosting services (including very large, well known hosts), I started a search a few years ago for a hosting provider that people were actually happy with. That's how I found Hostingsource provider. It is reliable web host. Over 4 months there was just one small downtime of 4 minutes. Most web hosts have redundant network connections and power supplies, but at Hostingsource nearly everything is redundant, which is an excellent principle.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 28 July 2022

    They're easy to reach, always write back
    My entertainment sites see huge flash crowds when news breaks. Hostingsource hosting always provides optimal performance and support for our audience. I highly recommend them for high traffic sites and services. Amazing speed connectivity (pages load super fast). I am 100% satisfied customer!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 06 July 2022

    Truthful, factual, swift and accurate service provider
    I have been with hostingsource for over 3 months and have had only one problem, that was fixed quickly. They do have a control panel that covers most needs. My site is full asp and I have never lost any data or access problems.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 30 June 2022

    Reliable hosting service
    Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast and friendly support and the price is reasonable. My friend and l would like to say that Hostingsource guys are so amazing. More and more of our clients are moving to your servers because you provide fast efficient and most of all helpful support.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 30 May 2022

    Reliability and dependability - Thanks!
    I'd recommend hostingsource dedicated server hosting to anyone! Although this is a personal site and intended for family and friends, I do not have a lot of traffic. However I do enjoy the unlimited space since I have lots of stuff to backup, so I can just create a private folder and backup my software / photos there.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 18 May 2022

    The uptime is very good
    Thank you, Hostingsource hosting. Keep up the good work! We love you guys! What a joy you are to work with! I don't know when I have had such an easy time getting my client's website set up and running. It is amazing! I have had a successful web hosting experience for about 5 months and have been impressed with their tech support, unique features and fast servers.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 05 May 2022

    Awesome services, templates, modules
    I can't praise this team of support folks enough - they make things look so easy, they have not had any downtime since I have been a customer. I really appreciate HostingSource for their web hosting solutions on web. The representative whom I contacted via live Chat offered me a concrete guidance through the sales process.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 26 April 2022

    Thumbs up!
    I have to say I am very happy with them and will be renewing my account with them. I have a couple of sites hosted there that I had as an image hosting for 9 months. I can say Hostingsource VPS hosting is awesome and people with complaints are just a minority, you can't please everyone and all companies have some problems now and again.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 28 March 2022

    Excellent prices for their web hosting packages
    In spite of my high-traffic website (going in five hundreds gbs a day), I've never heard from any of my fans of any downtime. Never had a problem with Hostingsource, except a server glitch, which they took care of within 40 minutes of my notifying them.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 25 March 2022

    Network Uptime is great
    I would recommend HostingSource shared servers to anyone needing a website for personal use or small business. Everything is very easy to use and they give you many resources for the small price they charge.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 02 March 2022

    Very good hosting service
    All my questions have been replied knowledgeabily within an hour - often within a few minutes. The control panel is easy to use. My only little gripe is that the website sometimes seem a bit slow - though that could be due to my own connection. Hostingsource is ok.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 28 February 2022

    Pleased with the speed and tech care
    I would like to say that after having Hostingsource my site for last 2 months that I know I chose the right host. Best value and best service as they continue to grow. I would and do recommend them to everyone needing an honest dependable web hosting provider!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 07 February 2022

    Good features in hosting plans
    I have never experienced any downtime or trouble. HostingSource SSD VPS hosting is great! They are customer oriented people and also they know what they do technical wise. They provide online backups, IT services - their team is really professional.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 18 January 2022

    Nice experience with this host
    I highly recommend HostingSource for those looking for a reliable host with great support. The support I have gotten has been second to no one! I use vbulletin for my software. When I was installing some hacks, I created some problems because I made an error in my coding. I've had no problems with up time.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 21 December 2021

    I am quite happy running my websites
    I found HostingSource via the magento Shopping Cart website. I am a webdesigner and was having problems with my hosting company. HostingSource has been amazing . . . I have moved over 6 of my client accounts and plan to move them all. Their level of support is unheard of. Thanks.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 13 December 2021

    Hostingsource VPS hosting is very fast
    Unbelievable Speed and Great Uptime. I'm happy! Hostingsource is the host you can rely on in any situation. They have lots of useful tools and they work great. Their support team always gets to my support tickets in a timely manner and being able to call someone 24/7 is a real nicety.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 06 December 2021

    Excellent Web Host!
    Highly recommend these guys to other webmasters looking for super fast hosting. All I can say that I am happy running one of my sites with Their ssd vps would be also perfect I think - going to transfer my files from shared to vps.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 26 November 2021

    I can recommend this decent host to others
    OK for blogs and websites. Hostingsource hosting service works fine, but we were after something specific so we didn’t move forward (not a fault on their part, we had some crazy requirements for a software app). Their support team solved all the troubles, pay some more money for some disk space and bandwidth. If you’re looking for a reliable host for WordPress and other typical sites, this is a great place.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 01 November 2021

    The most inexpensive and reliable service
    I've worked with Hostingsource for almost two months now, and I couldn't be happier. I've worked with a number of other hosting providers, large and small, and none came close to providing the level of service I get with Hostingsource. I finally have peace of mind. And as I grow, I know they will be there to provide me with all the tech support I need. I feel like I have a true partner in Hostingsource. Highly recommend!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 28 October 2021

    Great uptime, nothing problematic to report.
    They are always willing to take that extra step. I really recommend HostingSource SSD VPS hosting. I will update my review in future, but thus far my experience has been thoroughly positive. This web host runs an honest business that treats customers with respect, and this is the most important quality of a web host.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 06 October 2021

    Site is extremely user friendly
    Everyone who visits my site is always if you want to set it and forget it these are the dependable, trustworthy people you're looking for. Seriously, i've tried many web hosting providers and so far, this has been the BEST! I can give Hostingsource DOUBLE THUMBS UP!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 23 September 2021

    Can't beat the value! Thumbs up!
    I immediately switched all of my business web sites over to hostingsource provider, and have been extremely pleased with the performance of my web sites. Features are very good... and they increased everyone's bandwidth for free a while ago. I like this decent web host, I'm happy.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 08 September 2021

    Like running my web site with HostingSource
    I would like to share my experience using HostingSource service. This is a great website. It's easy to use and their customer support is the best I've ever seen. It's almost like walking right up to the owner and asking them for help. I really appreciate all the work that they did for me. My site is almost always up (15 minutes downtime last month - up for about 99.8% of the time). Good professionals.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 24 August 2021

    Wonderful Web Hosting Experience
    I firstly found that I got answers to my emails very promptly, often within an hour, or even less. This is amazing! Everything works fine! To my surprise I saw that HostingSource was much better, the bandwidth and storage was better, the scripting features were better, everything was better.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 06 August 2021

    Definitely recommended!
    Customer Service, Billing, Technical Service is all fantastic. If you have questions, any of these particular department will be happy to explain things to you. Love HostingSource service and support. Hope to remain a customer for many years.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 23 July 2021

    The staff has always been friendly and knowledgeable
    I'm very happy with the performance of my sites running at Hostingsource servers. I love the fact that I feel like a valued client whenever I have a question that I need to ask - it feels like I'm in contact with human beings who treat me as a human being, rather than getting soulless cranky responses.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 23 June 2021

    Good web host for Blogging
    Some sites also do stuff like make you advertise them even if you pay or not listen to suggestions and never communicate or anything. Well, can add that HostingSource is a reliable and trustworthy ssd web hosting provider. Contact their 24/7 support, tell your requirements and they will find the best hosting fit according to your needs. Good luck!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 16 June 2021

    Pleased running my Joomla site
    I have been with Hostingsource for over 5 months, and have had no problems at all. Really, much more than I expected for inexpensive hosting. I receive emails whenever there's an update, change or something else I should know about. Amazing. Their techs are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. One of the best web hosts out there.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 01 June 2021

    Tech support is professional, communicative, quite Fast
    I must say I first started using Hostingsource after talking to their IT expert a long time ago and today, I am really appreciative of their exceptional professionalism & deep knowledge (again) that lead me to decide on transferring other services from another vendor (previously arranged by my other partners) now to hostingsource as a one-stop point.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 26 May 2021

    I am extremely impressed so far. Keep up the good work!
    I am impressed with Hostingsource service. Now I have so much more control of my web server and confidence being supported by this reliable web host. My wait times for phone support have been consistently under 1 minute and often less. Their reps seem to be, with few exceptions, knowledgable and equipped to handle just about every problem I’ve had.

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