• Type Review : Shared Hosting 26 May 2023

    Amazing web host!
    In addition to the high level of service, we get the extra satisfaction of supporting a local business going from strength to strength. I'm happy to recommend web host to anyone looking for a web hosting service. All I can say is amazing, their VPS servers are top NOTCH, they are hosted on super class servers with 8CPU's and 8GB of RAM.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 26 April 2023

    Thanks for reliable hosting service.
    The customer service is excellent! I expect fast resolution to my requests for assistance and haven’t been disappointed when dealing with web host... I bought dedicated hosting plan which served my demands. I usually get responses within 15 minutes. They also have support for a lot of extra features that many hosts don't – Ruby on Rails in particular. Thanks for reliable hosting service.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 22 November 2022

    keep up the excellent work!
    I've had a lot of stress dealing with other hosting providers. I was treated poorly and getting any kind of useful help or feedback was near impossible. My most sincere thanks to all the staff at which have been great and that guy has gone the extra mile more than one occasion for me even though he didn’t have to, and that will get you more business and customer loyalty than any other strategy. Congratulations guys, keep up the excellent work!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 31 October 2022

    Highly recommended!
    By learning Joomla and building a site on, I was able to update my resume and get a job as a personal assistant for a very interesting entrepreneur. I've been with their VPS hosting for 3 months and I'm very impressed with the server speed and personal service. Highly recommended!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 08 June 2022

    I am generally very happy
    I’ve dealt with several different webhosting providers on several different platforms with my webstores and I’ve seen good, regular and really bad service, but you know what? even with the good ones I have not taken the time to send a thank you mail or anything like that, with you, I’ll take a couple hours if needed. Thank you I feel proud that you host my site and I look forward to many happy years here. The golden rule with hosting 'You get what you pay for'!
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 24 May 2022

    Great value for money!
    Recommended web host! The Support Team, the pricing and features (SSD Speed) is perfect. VPS host is fantastic and excel in every thing they do. These guys are top of the line Pros and really refreshing to see a company getting it right & doing it right. They provide me with good hosting services.
  • Type Review : Shared Hosting 19 May 2022

    Good plans and amazing 24-hour support
    Well, done team. I am happy using this dedicated hosting service. The setup was fast and their tech support has helped me with transferring my files to a dedicated server account. The PHP stuff works and the speed is also good. I think it's one of the best offers i read the last time. Thanks.

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