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Hitesh Bharucha is a SEO Specialist for ResellerClub. Having his Master in Marketing Management, he has been in the digital marketing space for half a decade now. His keen interests apart from digital marketing lie in fitness and travel.

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4 Hosting Features You Should Definitely Look For
Selecting the Hosting Service that is best for you To remain viable in today’s competitive market space, a reliable web hosting service is critical. A good hosting company is the one that provides the right products, services and features for your specific requirements.   For example, if you intend to use applications such as MSSQL and ASP.NET, you will need a host that provides Windows hosting, and not just the commonly used Linux hosting. Similarly, here are 4 features that should be considered while choosing a web hosting company: 1.Storage Storage is the amount of space allotted to your website by the host. For new content-light websites, starter plans offered under shared hosting are adequate. However, if you want to opt for an unlimited plan it is ...